ORACLE 100ml

AED 551.25

Story: A bustling courtyard & a cherished souvenir

Ref: 10011 Collection:

Oracle’s olfactory delivers us to a bustling courtyard in a foreign city. The faint sounds of talented street musicians fill the air and the spicy notes of pink pepper and amber tickle your nose from the nearby stalls. Proudly showcasing exotic spices and delicacies, one vendor captures your attention as you follow the scent of vanilla and coconut and arrive at the shop of a cashmere craftsman. You run your fingers across the buttery, soft fabric and make your purchase. A treasured token of a memorable trip, a cherished souvenir


Head: Coconut, Pinkpepper

Heart: Amber, Lily

Base: Patchouli, Cashmere, Vanilla, Vetiver

Olfactory Family




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