AED 551.25

Story: Cycling through a new village

Ref: 10012 Collection:

They say that the best way to see a new place is on the back of a bicycle, and that is the route Hypnotic Opium is taking you for this olfactory adventure. A simultaneously cleansing and comforting blend, fresh head notes of lime and bergamot dance at the first burst. With your feet firmly planted on the pedals, you pick up speed as you pass a field of flowers, which fills your senses with sweet floral fragrance. Parked up for a rejuvenating picnic, you find a shaded spot beneath some towering trees. The woody scent of Virginia cedar and sandalwood offers a serenity that cannot be matched. Like a refreshing shower after a day amongst the earth’s natural beauty, you feel alive and whole.


Head: Lime, Bergamot

Heart: Floral Bouquet, Amber

Base: Virginia Cedar, Sandalwood

Olfactory Family



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