About Us

We craft fragrances for the dreamers, the doers, the thinkers – Jardin de Parfums is a garden where all are welcome, and all are catered to. Our perfumes offer a novel way to explore the world of luxury fragrance…

The Jardin de Parfums – ‘The Garden of Perfumes’ – is a multi-brand concept offering an intriguing way to learn about the art of fragrance with a brand portfolio featuring The White Collection, Papaverum and Unique. Further brands are also in the works and will be launched shortly.

Each one of our perfumes is uniquely dreamt up and formulated in Italy with some of the world’s most passionate experts. In France, our perfume bottles are lovingly created using a marriage of centuries-old craftsmanship and cutting-edge, new-age technologies.

At present, 15 beautiful and tempting rare creations are waiting to be discovered beyond Jardin de Parfums’ secret gate…

…But this is no ordinary perfume. And this is no ordinary shopping trip.

Our fragrance experts are on hand to help you navigate the world of scent. Discover how to blend and layer Jardin de Parfums’ creations to design a totally bespoke smell – that only you can wear.

Jardin de Parfums disrupts the retail experience by presenting our ‘flowers’ in a fresh new way for the culturally curious. Our pop-ups and stores transport you to a romantic adventure – and bring the passion and love concealed within the bottles, bubbling forth. Like how the words from your favourite novel leap out of the page and touch your heart. Jardin de Parfums is a garden you will never want to leave.

This is your story. Which flower will you pick first?